Malika Sifouane

Malika Sifouane

Corporate Health & Safety manager L'Oréal

After 10 years of experience at General Electric in Quality Management Systems, I joined L’Oréal in 2002 with the mission to deploy an effective health & safety management system across our Research and Development activities.

I joined the Corporate Health & Safety team in 2011 where I have had the opportunity to coordinate the Global EHS culture and risk audit program, to develop the training to support our EHS professionals become «future fit» and to support the team develop the EHS management System and standards applied worldwide.

I currently lead Group projects including, the development and implementation of our global health & safety strategy for digitalization and integration of «next generation » tools, the animation of the administrative sites and stores community, the deployment of our strategy, the animation of our L’Oréal Women in Safety DE&I initiative with its 100+ members and the coordination of our Corporate health & safety communications.

I believe what defines me the most is my passion for putting people and their health, safety and wellbeing in the heart of what I do though the animation of the various global EHS communities whom I have the privilege to work.

L’Oréal Case Study: Culture Transformation through “the right tool at the right time”


Malika Sifouane will describe L’Oréal methodical approach to ensuring that the essentials of risk management and a risk searching culture is in place as they drive internationally towards interdependence and […]

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