L’Oréal Case Study: Culture Transformation through “the right tool at the right time”


Malika Sifouane will describe L’Oréal methodical approach to ensuring that the essentials of risk management and a risk searching culture is in place as they drive internationally towards interdependence and beyond. She will describe how their strategic “ home grown” approach is adapted to local culture and delivers.

She will present their LIFE program (fatality and serious injury and illness) as well as their innovative and pioneering Safe@Work-Safe@Home initiative which promotes health, safety and wellbeing beyond the gates of L’Oréal and into our families, communities and other companies.

Based on her experience in developing and implementing high performance health & safety systems and cultures across several companies, she will also discuss why “buying off the self” is possibly not only a poor easy option when it comes to risk culture development but also could be a waste of time and money in the medium to long term in the search for short term gains.

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